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Jul 08 2010

A tiny bit of (oh-so-sweet) progress

When the bell rang today to signal the end of my teaching block, four students actually stayed in their seats to finish their handout. This was completely at their own initiative– I was expecting them to dart out of the room at the cue of the bell regardless of the rule that the teacher dismisses…

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Jul 07 2010

I taught kids today

Today was my first day teaching in the classroom, with real students (not other corps members pretending to be students) and a complete lesson plan with the objective: “Students will be able to evaluate absolute value expressions.” It’s hard to know where to begin this post because there is so much to say. So, I’ll…

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Jun 29 2010

Here it goes…

After a great cross-country road trip, I arrived in D.C. last Tuesday to begin “induction.” Induction is regional training where I met the entire 2010 D.C. Corps, learned about TFA as an organization, met the D.C. staff and school officials, and toured around some neighborhoods to try and get an idea of where to live.…

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Jun 07 2010

Lets Get This Show on the Road!

Welcome to my blog about my Teach for America experience. I decided to start this blog for several reasons: 1) To share my experience with family and friends. 2) To document my experience as a means of providing insight for my friends (current college juniors) that are thinking about applying for TFA. 3) To raise…

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