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Aug 27 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes, oh my!

To my extreme relief, the first week of school is over. Two of my classes are going really well. And when I say really well, I mean REALLY really well: every child is meeting or exceeding both my behavior and academic expectations. The class is completely silent while I’m talking, kids are all seated and on task, and my students actually believed me when I said that I taught for five years in California before coming to DC. This is the “honeymoon” phase though, so lets hope I can maintain it!

Two of my classes are not going well (with some kids already showing some disrespect or blatantly defiant behavior)…but these classes are still A LOT better than my best classes last year. I guess almost anything is better than last year.

There was no school Wednesday because buildings were being assessed for earthquake damage, and now we are in the midst of the approaching hurricane. Oh my!

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