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Aug 17 2011

The ending and beginning

The end of the school year came with great excitement but little meaning. The key points of the short version are 1) my kids did OK on standardized testing but not stellar; 2) the administration was fired, again; 3) I never said goodbye to any of the kids because they went to their mid-week graduation ceremony and never came back to school (no complaints from me about the ‘not coming back to school’ part though..). Looking back on the first year, I can say no less than it was awful with a few scattered inspiring moments.

So the year ended, and now it’s beginning: new classroom, new principal, new assistant principal, new teachers, new kids. I feel half excited/optimistic for a better year where I will improve my teaching (particularly behavior management) and half scared that the year will be the same. At the very least, I now know exactly what to expect and am working on eliminating problems from the beginning. My classroom setup this week has been much more focused on procedures/organization than it was last year– I have clearly-labeled places to turn in papers, easy systems for collecting make-up work, and furniture designed in such a way that creates no front/back of the classroom.  Kids come Monday! AHHH!

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